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Whatever it is you need in the trading world we have the solutions. Either directly or through our network we can help you trade anything that is traded.

For qualified investors, funds and institutions we also offer in-depth research and research tools.

FX to Equities and Wall St to Shenzhen we can guide you in the right direction.


HEFFX has served leading corporations, hedge funds and other investors, banks and governments. HEFFX was launched to provide institutional buy-side and sell-side clients with a market leading Liquidity Management Platform for FX and other OTC instruments.

Our platform (also referred to as “HEFFXone”) delivers a front-to-back, fully hosted solution for the aggregation of liquidity from any number of bank and non-bank market makers to create a consolidated order book for distribution of customized pricing to internal dealing desks and external clients. Clients can both make prices and receive order flow, and can create customized lit or dark liquidity pools that support many-to-one matching against streaming executable quote driven markets or utilize the matching engine for a many-to-many central limit order book execution. Dealing desk functionality supports passing the book across different time-zones for seamless management of orders and positions on 24 hour global market.

Trade execution is handled using Smart Order Routing algorithms as well as proprietary execution algorithms that provide best execution while normalizing child orders across disparate electronic execution venues to provide a seamless execution experience, including emulating order types that are not supported natively. HEFFX supports the full trade lifecycle including post-trade messaging directly to a Prime Broker or into vendor solutions used by leading Prime Brokers such as Traiana.

Designed for both GUI and API trading equally, HEFFX has the industry’s most advanced and most customizable user interface, with embedded high-performance spreadsheets supporting custom dashboard creation and fully automated trading. HEFFX offers a standard FIX protocol API and a specialized high-performance and more full-featured TCP based API that can be used to build virtually any custom application or reporting with real-time events. A web based administrative portal supports user creation and liquidity management with on-the-fly parameterization of real-time pre-trade credit and risk checks for Net Open Position and other risk metrics, as well as liquidity pricing controls that can be set down to the per-user, per-symbol level. HEFFX solutions are available fully hosted on the most advanced machines and network infrastructure available at the leading data centers globally, with high-speed, low-latency physical cross connections to each exaction venue. The entire solution is available as a white label, full branded for each client.

Our trading solutions represent a collection of best-in-class technologies embodied in a market leading Liquidity Management Platform. Our team has many decades of experience delivering large scale automated trading solutions to major hedge funds, global banks and energy companies as well as designing, implementing and managing the entire technology stack for some of the largest and most successful exchanges in the world. Our technologies and our team differentiate us from any other solution provider. For more information, contact us.

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